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Flexible Magnetic Strip

Flexible Magnetic Strip Suppliers

Flexible Magnetic Strip is a Permanent flexible magnetic material available in extruded strips form; standard or custom manufactured to satisfy specific processing requirements. Flexible magnetic strips provide an alternative materials for printing, signage, holding, and fastening applications.

Product attributes & Advantages

Flexible magnets are the least expendive by volume and most pliable permanent magnet material when compared to ceramic (ferrite), alnico or rare earth magnets. They perform well in a wide variety of simple applications for industries, homes, schools shop and offices. They are lightweight, flat, and easy to print on and easy to cut with scissors, knife or die, Also, they are ideal for advertising specialities and lightweight holding applications.

Powerful - Flexible Rubber Magnetic Strip is supersaturated with magnetism in amultiple pole magnetic strength is evenly distribted across the surface.

The strength of the magnetic Strip increases with the profile and thickness of the material. Permanant magnetism is quaranteed as long as the materials is not subjected to a demagnetizing force.

Durable - Flexible Rubber Magnetic Strip is easy to maintain and safe for finished surfafe. It does not crack, dry out nor id it subject to surface migration.

Machinable- Flexible magnets can be easily drilled or cut with scissors, knife, die or punched to fit the required application.

Temperature Range - Flexible magnets is designed to withstand continuous exposure to temperatures for -40oC <-40oC> to 70oC (160oC) without demagnetizing.

Can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes as per customer specifications

Can be supplied as cut-to-size lengths or in rolls of varied lengths

High Flexibility allows variety of assembly options in various aplications

Are easy to machine, cut, punch, and assemble

Will not break or crack under normal impact

Magnetizing pattern can be tailored to suit end products application (Verying pole configurations)


Magnetic strip is widely used in the refrigerator door gasket. Magnetic strip can also be used in micro motors, stationery, household appliances, gifts, and children's toys etc. Other common applications include latches or catches, gaskets, door seals, tool holders, and holding fixtures. For signs, Charts, displays, shelf labeling, and movelties. They are a reusable alternative to adhesives or fastners. They are a reusable alternative to adhesives or fasteners. They can also be used in switches or sensing devices or to dampen noise and vibration.

Refrigerator Gaskets

Advertising Sign Boards

Packing (Sealing)

Promotional items

Absorber Seals for Microwave Ovens as Microwave barriers


Visual Aid and Scheduling Displays

Cabinet and Door Lateches

Vent Deflectors

Shower Door Seals