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Strontium Ferrite India Ltd. welcomes you to its palmy arena. Incepted in the year 1994, Strontium Ferrite India Ltd is a Hyderabad Stock Exchange Listed company.

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Ferrite Antenna

Ferrite Antenna Manufacturers

We offer some sturdy and top notch quality Ferrite Antenna Rod Cores and Ferrite Rods. Ferrite Rods are used to increase magnetic flux density without appreciable energy losses at the transmission frequency. The Ferrite Antenna Rod Cores are also used in transceivers for reading RFID tags. The concentrated flux lines at the ends of the Ferrite Rod Focus the field pattern. This effect tends to increase the transmission distance while in this main lobe of the beam.

Ferrite Rods are primarily used in radio antennas. All materials are custom manufactured, but readily available with lead time for delivery. The Ferrite Rod Antenna is almost universally used in portable transistor broadcast receivers as well as many hi-fi tuners where reception on the long, medium and possibly the short wave bands is required. As the name suggests the antenna consists of a rod made of ferrite, an iron based magnetic material. A coil is would around the ferrite rod and this is brought to resonance using a variable tuning capacitor contained within the radio circuitry itself and in this way the antenna can be tuned to resonance. As the antenna is tuned it usually forms the RF tuning circuit for the receiver, enabling both functions to be combined within the same components, thereby reducing the number of components and hence the cost of the set.